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İstanbul Open Chess Tournament


 “FIDE Laws of Chess” and “Turkish Chess Federation- Competition Rulings” are valid for the tournament .


Important Announcement : 

The players who removed from the tournament or lost by forfeit in the final round will not be in the final standings at the end of the competition and none of them can not receive any awards. 

ii. Open for foreign players who have a valid passport and Fide ID number.

iii. There are two(2) categories:

Category A

@ Players who have an ELO RATING over 1800 and players who have a NAT RATING over 1800 may apply for Category A. For the players who want to apply to Category A, either condition (ELO and/or  NAT RATING over 1800) is required as a qualification.

Category B

@ Players under 1800 ELO , players who only have a NAT or players without any NAT ( National Rating ) may apply to Category B.

@The Chief Arbiter reserves the right to modify the Tournament Schedule, the pairing system, and the rounds in total, depending upon the participations. Such modifications and changes will be announced at the Technical Meeting, as well.

iv. “Entry Fee” is 75.- TL.

@No entry fee for the players with a GM/IM title.

For the registration process, those titled players must get in contact with the Tournament Coordinator


i. Pairing will be done by Swiss Manager Unicode software.

ii. The tournament will be held in 9 round Swiss System.

iii. The National Rating List of August and 30th August 2014 ELO lists will be considered.

iv. All pairings and results will be available on the boards in the Venue and even on the web page of the tournament.

v. FIDE Laws of Chess article 6.7.a is valid.( Thus the default time is 30 minutes)

vi. According to the FIDE Laws of Chess article 11.3.b, the players CAN NOT have any mobile phone or/and any kinds of electronic devices in the playing Venue. Any player possessing such devices in the Venue will have a loss of game, thus the opponent will win.

vii. FIDE Laws of Chess article 9.1.b. is valid.

viii. All participants are assumed to read and accept these regulations.

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